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Library session w/ Valerie Sperling

I’m starting to work on the syllabus for my capstone seminar this fall (Globalization and Democratization, PSCI 295) and would like to organize a library session for Wednesday, November 7, from 9-10 AM. Could you please put my class on the books (as it were! no pun intended!)?


They will by that point have already chosen their research paper topics. I want to be sure that by the end of it, they all know how to find peer-reviewed academic journal articles and trustworthy newspaper articles on line. They’ll all be juniors/seniors, so they *should* know how to do that already, but maybe you can give them a little scavenger-hunt type thing (e.g. using the databases we just reviewed, who can find a peer-reviewed article on…; using Lexis-Nexis who can find three news articles on...) - and ask what obstacles they encountered.


They should also take some time during the session to find articles on their own research paper topics. I think there will be 12-14 students in the course — so a manageable size!






Valerie Sperling, PhD

Professor of Political Science

Wednesday, November 7, 2018
9:00am - 10:00am
Goddard 218
Goddard Library

Event Organizer

Andrew Haggarty