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Info session w/Nancy Budwig

Second, could you do a workshop as we discussed for my Problems of Practice course that is a 200 level psych course on September 21. Here I could share with you the research we are doing and you could help them stretch beyond the psych journals to learn to figure out what other kinds of materials would be useful. Last year they actually stuck too close to the discipline and because this is a real world application other information might have been useful. Again I would be happy to meet with you in advance to go over this but would like to list on the syllabus. You can have any amount of time you think is appropriate and I could build around that. It is a three hour class but last year I believe they spent 1 hour on info. literacy. I am open to any of your feedback. For now I want to mainly check timeline and dates.


Room TBD  classroom is JC343

Friday, September 21, 2018
10:00am - 11:00am
Goddard 218
Goddard Library

Event Organizer

Andrew Haggarty