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Info session w/Jane Dykema

It's that time of year again! I'm writing to see if it's possible to schedule a library instruction session for my IDND 018 section for Tuesday, 10/16 at 10:25-11:40am. I have 18 students. Are either of you available to lead a session at that time?
I've attached a description of their essay assignment as well as a template for what I want their annotated bibliographies to look like. I will go over both of those things with them--this is just for background info. I remember you have your own great organizational tools we'd love to use, too!
The students should have an idea of their topics by that time, but they will not have started researching yet.
Please let me know if this time works for either of you or one of your colleagues (and also if there's someone different I should be contacting!--not sure of the protocol). Thank you so much!
Thank you so much! If it works for you, we can just meet in the library—is it room 218? In the past Rachael has lead the group through research strategies and examples, using some of the students topics as a model. I want them to have at least 5 sources total and at least 2 of them should be peer reviewed, so showing them how to determine what is and isn’t peer reviewed is great. And anything you want to show them! I think the library can be a bit mystifying for new students.
Tuesday, October 16, 2018
10:25am - 11:40am
Goddard 218
Goddard Library

Event Organizer

Andrew Haggarty