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Info session w/ Lisa Dobson

I apologize, but I gave you the wrong times for this class. This class meets M-W-F at 9am-11:50am. Are you available the morning of the 18th(Friday). If not perhaps another morning- Wednesday 16th (no classes on Monday 21st) or Wednesday the 23rd?

Currently the course is set to use MLA per previous instructors. I am questioning this and I am looking for input on what is used mostly at Clark. These students are a mix of seminarians (with experience writing in Latin America in philosophy, theology and sociology), and mainly 3-1-1 students coming from china (some have very little to no formatting experience)and going into their 4th year at Clark next year to finish an undergrad degree and do their masters at Clark. I do not know what the fields of study are for these students yet. This is my first time teaching this class, but I am wondering why MLA is the choice in the syllabus outline I have been given. I was thinking of using APA. Can you tell me if MLA is Clarks format of preference. At WPI the masters students taking ESL class use APA, MLA or Chicago depending on their field of study.

I am willing to go speak to the ACLI director about using APA if it will help the students in writings they will do as they move into their 4th year classes in their field of study. Perhaps I am mistaken and if they learn MLA, they can then understand how to grasp any format.

I am copying here the outcomes and objectives for this class (see below). I am developing the assignments and exercises this week. I am also looking for input as to best practices for students in research writing and learning to embrace and enjoy the process-especially since they can choose their topics for this course. In late 2017 I finished my master of Adult Education and it was a writing intensive program. I learned to embrace it and enjoy it. I believe, if the students get a good grasp at the start (now), they will do better in their field of study later. I plan to start the class with a few very short academic articles. They will read and annotate these articles in detail the first two days and be able to compare to others works and see what is a good annotation.

I think that learning how to annotate is a missing step for these students. The next steps of understanding the research process is also not so clear for the students from the past Moodle works I looked over. I would like to help clarify the process if I can. I am also interested in your thoughts on the outcomes and objectives for this class in relation to learning to research writing.

I am open to you choosing topics for this session with you

Friday, January 18, 2019
9:00am - 11:50am
Goddard 218
Goddard Library

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Andrew Haggarty